How to deal with Stress

'Stress', this word, needs no particular introduction. But, just for the sake of formalities, it typically means, "Instantaneous psychosomatic reaction which manifests as fear or shock impulse whenever insecurity overtakes our spirit".
It's not something that could be ignored. Depending on the intensity, it could be lethiferous too.
It sucks your energy, thus enervating you off your natural vigor and charm. It aggravates the grief, leading to physical, as well as emotional travails. It's a stumbling block, which definitely curtails you from the path of wisdom. To live with stress, as your companion is tantamount to being in the inferno.

In this article, we shall briefly discuss two simple yet effective long-term remedies alongside, temporary mood boosters.

What exactly is stress?

It's a kind of restlessness often associated with frustration, anxiety, depression, fury, etc. You feel lost, monotonous, deprived of energy, and disappointed with your life. To put it in simple words, it's discomforting insecurity in your life. Let us take a brief look at the types of stress.

1. Acute stress

 Almost every human being on this planet, experience this. It's nothing but basic fear or nervousness. And the reasons for this could be anything like preparing for an interview/exam, homesickness, trouble making a decision, etc. You need not give much emphasis to this kind of stress for it's quite common and there's nothing serious about it. It's temporary and just for the time being.

2. Chronic stress

 If you experience stress often, for a long period of time, then you are suffering from a severe form of stress called chronic stress. If you are suffering from this bwana, believe me, you are in grave danger. Because chronic stress and depression have the same origins. It could worsen with time. It's dangerous because it's also associated with suicidal tendencies along with severe physical ailments. Umpteen people die every day because of it.

How to deal with stress?

Having discussed stress and its kinds, let us move on to our significant topic of this day, the ways to deal with stress. Let's start by discussing the temporary ones first.
1. Take something warm like tea, coffee, or milk. The warmth soothes your mind. Don't take too much of it. For, increased levels of caffeine are scientifically proven to increase stress.
2. Take a shower, with warm or cool water, as you desire. It cools you off restlessness.
3. Close your eyes. Put on a drenched cloth on your eyes and rest for five minutes. And when you open your eyes, you feel a lot better.
4. Stroll through the woods, if you wish. For nature, the cool breeze, rustling leaves, bounteous flora, and fauna, are naturally calming.
5. Simply take a break from your work. And do nothing for a while, at least. 
6. Listen to music. By music, I don't mean the songs made of lyrics. Listen to music that is made of just the instrumental voice. Because the lyrics make your mind think thus, screwing the whole point of resting.
7. Keep caffeine, refined food, sugar at an arm's length. Because they are malicious. They malign your mind. Try to eat healthy food.
  8. By taking a day off, you could actually mend your emotional self. Spend a lazy day. Eat the food you like. Watch your favorite movie. And rest the whole day. It's scientifically proven!

The core topic.....

Now let us discuss the core topic.
Here, we discuss two veritable topics that could make a real difference.

1. Meditation to deal with stress

 It's a simple process of healing yourself by eliminating mundane and carnal thoughts. It's an efficient method of realization of the self by concentrating on the region below your heart chakra. Stress has a stiffening effect on our tissues. This precisely means every time you have an anxiety attack, some or the other part of your body is subject to severe danger. Stress is also known to damage your DNA. It aggravates diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, spondylosis, etc. By meditating, you terminate the thought process. And when that happens, automatically every single tissue in your body relaxes thus the stiffening effect of stress retracts. Meditation has immense power in healing many diseases. "When you meditate, a happiness gene is activated, which is present in your left prefrontal lobes" says Richard Davidson, a researcher, at the University of Wisconsin.

2. A positive attitude (APA) to beat stress

 Have you ever wondered so as to, who could be the strongest man on Earth? Well, according to me, the most optimistic person, is the strongest one. Don't you think so? When you have APA, no trouble could trouble you. Instead, you trouble the trouble. Nothing is insurmountable if you have APA. You realize that everything is a part of life. And every experience is amazing. Be it good or bad. You may not have the physical strength, but your emotional stability is more than enough to uproot the mountains. Your way of handling things is very different than others. How does one develop optimism? It's a long, insidious process. It's not something that could be developed overnight. Start looking at the brighter side of things. Fathom only, ' The Good Side' of people and ignore the darker shade. Feel grateful for what you have. Instead of whining about what you don't like, don't have, feel grateful for every single thing you possess.
Look at yourself in the mirror and be generous to give yourself a vibrant smile. It could light up your day. Be courteous to yourself and also others. Courtesy costs nothing. Talk to your loved ones, friends. You know, we can learn a lot from nature. It's our best inspiration. Most importantly, strictly stay away from pessimistic people and thoughts. I steadfastly lay much emphasis on it.

Hope is our strongest weapon. Always hope for the best. Stay positive and happy. And remember that the best is yet to come.
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