Brainspiritsoul, is a mental wellness blog focused especially on self-development and brain health. Our brain, is the most significant and strongest organ in our body, which can either build us or break us. Unfortunately, our society overlooks the prominence of brain and mental health. When someone suffers from a physical injury we console them by taking the right care ensuring speedy recovery. Ironically, when someone suffers from a mental trauma, we ignore them. Very rarely do we actually care. This is not equitable. For, physical wounds can be healed, and it is not the same with mental health. It takes immense courage to fight back. And fighting alone makes things worse. 

In our daily lives, we are burdened and troubled by all sorts of problems. And nobody is immune. From school-going kids to elderly people, are falling victims to Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, and many other traumas. And it is not essential to consult a practitioner every single time. For, many ailments can be cured simply by changing the way your brain thinks, works, and decrees, unless your condition is serious.

Brainspiritsoul is a place which helps you discern the omnipotence of your brain. You have humongous power within you, which corresponds with the way you think. All you need to do is tap into this power. There is just one hitch. And that is, we do not know the exact orchestration to draw this unique power indwelt within us. By realizing the way your brain function, you can actually hack it and do wonders in life. 

We cover a wide range of topics which will aid in promoting your mental health by strengthening your brain through information about many things you need to know. Brainspiritsoul is a place where self-development meets psychology, inspiring you to add colors to your life. I just hope that you too find peace in your lives.


I'm Sirisha Reddy, a Student, Blogger, and Life coach in Therapeutic Art and Meditation. I love to write. Music and words helped me emerge out of my potential and when I look back, they were ubiquitous, always making me stronger. I believe that they can make our life magical. 

My conviction is that adding five P's into your life, can drastically change your attitude, thoughts, and state-of-being, henceforth changing your entire lifestyle.
What exactly are these P's?
Passion, Perseverance, Persistence, Patience, and Positivity are so strong that they can manipulate your brain to success and bliss. The first and most significant ingredient of success is passion. It's the zeal, that motivation, and that cause that keeps burning within you, that paves the path to success. Your passion determines your success.

 Next, you need perseverance. It makes you move forward no matter what. Like fire, it ignites in you. You also need the persistence to keep trying again and again and again. Because it's a fact that failures are inevitable in life.  Bad luck and misfortune never come alone. They bring friends with them. Patience is the oil that keeps the lamp burning. Sometimes some goals take time. It is patience you need then. Perhaps, positivity is the fuel that keeps running the vehicle of life. Travails and troubles travel along with us, as our companions to our journey to success. Positivity is all you need. As long as you stay strong, nothing could defeat you. You would be invincible.

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