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Buy my ebook 'Resuscitate yourself'.

Dear Readers, you can now buy my ebook, Resuscitate yourself, on various platforms like Amazon, and Kindle. It took me a great deal of effort in doing it. I made sure that my ebook doesn't compromise its quality and trust.  I hope you resuscitate yourself after reading it :)

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Why should you buy 'Resuscitate yourself'?

The approach this book preaches is interesting, subtle, and slightly different from the others. In this book, ‘Resuscitate yourself’, we’ve made use of an effectively efficient approach to improve your brain power and triumph over stress, depression, and other mental ailments. In our daily lives, we are bombarded with mundane thoughts and devitalizing energy, that act as mental barriers from accessing the synchronization of our conscious and subconscious mind. Interruption to this connection is severely damaging the way our body functions. Inevitably our lifestyle is rendering us dull, luring off our indwelt impetus. There are many effective ways around us to deal with the troubles in our lives. Yet, we are numb to the stench. It is high time that you RESUSCITATE YOURSELF. Awaken yourself from the unconsciousness lodged in your brain. This book elucidates stress dealing methods through Art, Music, Reading, Altering habits, Yoga, Laughter, Impact of aroma, Gut-brain connection etc. This book helps you take action and it can change your life. 

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